Three Things to Know About Visiting Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory

A native of Portland, Mt. Hood Territory’s executive director, Danielle Cowan, says the things she loves most about her community are its spectacular beauty, endless recreational opportunities, and warm and friendly people. Here are the top three things you should know about meeting there:

1. Close proximity to Portland International Airport (a drive of less than 30 minutes).
2. Affordability.
3. Uniqueness. “From a WPA-era lodge 6,000 feet up the side of a mountain and historic homes and cabins to boutique wineries, scenic golf courses and a museum overlooking the second-largest waterfall in the U.S. after Niagara, we have a wide variety of venues for events that are unique, memorable and can fit most every budget and preference,” says Cowan. 

Ask Liz Perry, president and CEO of Travel Juneau, what she loves most about her adopted hometown and she points to the city’s three most alluring features: its natural beauty, walkability and recreational opportunities. 

Good choices. 


Urban, suburban and rural. Seascape, citywide or mountainside. Convention and conference planners in the Northwest have their choice of settings, thanks to the diversity of convention and conference centers found throughout our region. Don’t believe us? Northwest Meetings + Events has compiled a list* of options for you to use as a resource the next time you’re planning a grand meeting of minds.