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In every issue of Northwest Meetings + Events, we include a signature drink courtesy of a regional hotel or restaurant, but here’s one drink order that just can’t wait for the next issue! Now through December, if you order its seasonal Apple Cider Car at The Lobby Bar of Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle, you’ll contribute to the hotel’s Cocktail for a Cause program. The year-round program allows guests to give back to the global community by contributing approximately $4 of every cocktail purchased from its “Cocktail for a Cause” menu to One Days Wages, a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated to eradicating global poverty and helping fight global hunger.

Here is the recipe for the cocktail:

Apple Cider Car (a seasonal take on the classic Sidecar): Ingredients include brandy, Contreau, apple cider and lemon. The cocktail is presented in a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass garnished with a dehydrated apple cinnamon chip featuring the Pan Pacific logo.

Additional cocktails on the “Cocktail for a Cause” menu are the Manila Mule and the Swedish Elyxir.


The Northwest is home to a number of intriguing international districts in which to host your next meeting or event. From a museum in Seattle to a traditional Vietnamese restaurant in Portland and a high-energy nightclub in Vancouver, here are six spots you should definitely check out. 


Wing Luke Museum


As I write this, I am sitting in the Hilton Anchorage getting ready to head out for a day of tours and adventures with a group of about 30 event planners. About two weeks ago, I was in Vancouver, BC with a group of three other editors/writers doing the same thing in that city. Yeah. I know. I have a pretty fabulous job. And so, I wanted to give a shout out to the CVBs who plan these trips and help me get better acquainted to everything our region has to offer so that I can, in turn, introduce you to new places and things to do when you’re planning a meeting or event.