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BY Brittany Trevick
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BY Cheryl Reid-Simons
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BY Teresa Bergen | Photo by Alan Alabastro


Meet Dennis Galloway, a Washingtonian in Washington

Dennis Galloway is from what he calls “the first Washington,” aka Washington, D.C. But after 9/11, he decided to change coasts. “You can’t live on red alert,” Galloway says. “Life’s too short.”

So he packed up and moved to Seattle, trying on many hospitality hats once he arrived, before landing at the Washington State Convention Center as its sales manager in 2012.

“I went from meeting management to an event manager to catering sales and ended up at the convention center,” he says. 

In Memoriam of Brian Dale

A “kidnapping” brought Toshi and Brian Dale together.

Returning home from vacation, Toshi was spirited away from the airport by a mutual friend who wanted her to “meet someone.” “It was a practical joke. I had just arrived in Seattle. I had no makeup on and grubby clothes. My friends told us that they had been trying to get Brian and me together for months. They felt we would be perfect for each other,” Toshi recounts.

Meet James Rahn, Sommelier Extraordinaire

Originally from Chicago, James Rahn moved to Seattle to attend college at the University of Washington. While putting himself through school waiting tables at Seattle’s iconic Café Campagne, the restaurant’s wine director took him under her wing and taught him all about wine. Rahn was hooked.

“I got bit by it,” recalls Rahn of how his love of wine developed. When he returned to Chicago, he was certified as a sommelier and became wine director at a French restaurant.

Meet Dutch Bihary, Body Painter

When you think about face painting, what comes to mind? Those sweet little butterfly designs you see on the cheek of every 5-year-old at the local county fair? Well, Seattle artist Dutch Bihary is not your typical monarch-embellishing face painter.

Meet Christopher Huessy, Professional Ice Carving

Christopher Huessy's professional portfolio still carries a photo of his very first ice sculpture: a simple carving of a swan he made years ago in culinary school. It seems a little out of place tucked in with the images of elaborate centerpieces, detailed corporate logos and multiblock sculptures, but it reminds the Gladstone, Oregon ice artist how far he’s come.


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