Life in the meetings and events industry means constantly being on the go. Whether it’s dashing to a remote location for a site visit or travelling across states for a conference, planners and suppliers are regularly away from their desks. We’ve rounded up some of the handiest portable technology tools for when you’re away.

1. Sick of lugging around a big, bulky camera to capture the perfect photo? These convenient lenses pop right onto your iPhone camera. We recommend the telephoto lens for high-quality photographs.

2. The large, heavy projectors we remember from high school are a thing of the past with this portable projector that connects right to your smartphone, tablet or computer. As long as you have access to a large, blank wall, you’re good to go.

3. This handy tripod fits right onto the top of any standard water bottle to give you a little height advantage, while also capturing your meeting or event without any blurry photos and videos.

4. Has your phone battery dipped into the dangerous red zone? Just grab this compact USB charger and give your phone the juice it needs.

Melissa Jurcan, president of ILEA Seattle, penned a moving tribute to the hospitality industry for the Emerald City Applause Awards. Here is an abridged version. 


Meet the The Old Vermont, a maple syrup-infused Old-Fashioned created by the folks at Ravishing Radish Catering. If this doesn’t stave off the autumn chill, nothing will. 

—2 oz. bourbon or rye
—3/4 oz. grade-A maple syrup
—2 dashes bitters 
—1 fresh mint leaf
—orange twist

Coat the bottom of a rocks glass with maple syrup. Fill the glass with ice and add bitters and bour - bon. Stir well for 30 seconds. Garnish with fresh mint leaf and orange twist.