Happiness, noted cartoonist Charles Schulz, is a warm puppy. To bring a little of that wetnosed joy to its travelers—and relieve much of the stress associated with airport travel— Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has launched its Less Airport Stress Initiative (LASI). The innovative program places YVR Ambassador Dogs throughout the terminal to interact with visitors and make their airport experience a little brighter.

YVR partnered with St. John Ambulance and their therapy dog program to provide seven dogs for LASI. The YVR Ambassador Dogs are accompanied by a dog handler and YVR Green Coat Volunteer, and are easily identifiable with their YVR-branded leashes and St. John Ambulance bandanas. So next time you’re dreading traffic, airport security checks and delays, just think about how you’ll also be able to spend a little quality puppy petting time, preboarding. If that doesn’t get you to the airport on time, nothing will. 

OK, I admit it. I’m a bit of a Scrabble nerd. Words with Friends is my go-to procrastination app. And I’m just enough of a word geek that I get excited when I hear my dictionary buzz me each morning at 8:03 with the word of the day. So you can imagine how giddy I was when I learned that Skamania Lodge’s updated Washington Room includes a giant Scrabble board—perfect for a little friendly business-retreat competition.


Pingpong enthusiasts rejoice—there’s a new destination in town.