• 4 Reasons to Host Autumn Mountain Meetings

    POSTED September 28, 2016

Fall foliage in most U.S. Mountain West destinations starts hitting its colorful stride from early September through early or mid-October, depending on Mother Nature and elevation. It’s a stunning time of year to book a meeting or event in the mountains. Below are four reasons why.

1. Beauty and Mild Temperatures—All seasons are beautiful in the mountains and for different reasons, but it is hard to beat large swatches of gold, orange and red illuminated by sunshine and blue sky and the pleasant Indian summer temperatures. Make sure to build in time for attendees to get outside, walking between venues, dining or taking breaks on a patio and enjoying an early evening reception before the sun dips behind the peaks.

2. Activities Galore—Most activities available in mountain towns during the summer also are available in the fall. There is just more availability due to fewer visitors, especially during the week. Think hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, hot air balloon rides, team-building excursions and much more, plus there are many great fall festivals to tag onto.

3. Prices Drop—Groups can often find less expensive rates in autumn at hotels that stay hopping during many months of summer and winter. Again, check options for during the week, as fall weekends can be prime times for weddings and festivals fill hotel rooms and venues.

4. Capture After-Summer Enthusiasm—The kids are back in school, summer brought relaxing vacations and the work scene is humming again with nearly all hands on deck. It’s a perfect time to catch people refreshed and energized for their jobs and interested in learning and networking.

From Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana to California, New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado, there are so many great places to consider for fall gatherings—the biggest issue is deciding which one!