• Beercycling Announces New Tour

    POSTED September 11, 2016

After six years in Europe, Beercycling is now expanding to the U.S. year in Europe. With success from their “Getting You From Pint A to Pint B” Tour in Europe, Beercycling will open a new tour in Oregon, starting May 2017.

The Oregon Beerway tour will be led by Beercycling founder, Evan Cohan, and will feature five days and four nights of cycling between Portland and Hood River. The riders will visit a couple of breweries a day, stay in hotels near the breweries and receive assistance from a support vehicle as they ride along the most scenic trails in Oregon. The tour will average about 24 miles a day and is open to cyclists of all levels.

“I am grateful that we've been Beercycling for six years now and have organized over 45 successful tours”, says Cohan. “We are proud of the service that we offer—many of the brewers we visit have become good friends—and I believe that riding a bike from town to town is the perfect means of transportation and pace to absorb one's surroundings. We get riders from all backgrounds, all ages, all genders, from locations all around the world, and get to share a common bond over beers every day of each tour. The fact that we can now offer tours in my home state, in addition to the themed tour experiences in Europe, is a dream come true.”

The tour dates for 2017 include May 26–30; June 8–12; and Sept. 1–5. Registration includes bike rentals, hotel, meals and snacks, brewery tours, vehicle support and passenger shuttle. Beercycling also has tours in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

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