Engaging New Employees

According to PwC Saratoga’s Human Capital Effectives Report 2013/14, 22 percent of new employees leave within their first year. Successfully engaging a new hire increases retention rates and can go a long way to increasing employee engagement. Below are five ways to successfully welcome a new hire.

Show Your Appreciation for New Hires

Craft the Perfect Team

Changes occur every day in the hospitality industry, but one of the biggest is the high turnover of employees. Much of this can be attributed to the people who make up staff—students, part-time and those who work in seasonal locations. This can make building the perfect team difficult.

8 Tips for Starting & Growing Your Own Business

Ahh, the life of the self-employed. No punching a time card. No asking off for vacations. The dress code is casual. And the boss? Well, let’s just say you couldn’t have asked for a nicer employer. But before you start typing up that letter of resignation, make sure you know what you’re getting in to. (Hint: There is no time card to punch because your workday never truly ends.)

Whether you have already decided to take the leap into owning your own event-planning business or are still contemplating the plunge, here are some things to consider.

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