Escape to Belltown

Puzzle Break—a live-action, interactive escape-room adventure—is debuting its newest location in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood this month. Spanning more than 6,000 square feet, the new location will be one of the largest of its kind worldwide and will feature “Hollywood-caliber immersive set design, world-class puzzles and the latest-and-greatest technological wizardry.”

A great idea for team-building, two identical rooms allow teams of up to five to battle it out to see who solves the mystery faster. The two rooms are digitally connected so as one team solves a clue, the team in the other room can watch their progress. The debut adventure is called “The Eventide Departure.” Participants are tasked with solving the mystery of the last will and testament of the dearly departed Professor Firestone. They must escape the séance before time runs out (cue scary music). Eventually, the Belltown venue will feature more than six escape rooms and games.

The new location is at 2124 Second Ave. You can also plan a team-building activity at Puzzle Break’s location on Capitol Hill at 1423 10th Ave. Or, if you prefer, Puzzle Break can bring an escape to your off-site location for small and medium groups.

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