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BY Cheryl Reid-Simons
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BY Heather Teegarden, CSEP


Zerista: A Deeper Dive into the Winter 2017 Infographic

In our Winter 2017 issues, we’re featuring the tech companies that were part of the 2016 ibtm America TechCollective in partnership with DAHLIA+. Because we can only fit so much in print, read on here for our full interview with Dade J. Gaylord, vice president of operations, Zerista, by JackRabbit Systems, Inc.

Zerista is an event management website and mobile app that allows event organizers and attendees to manage schedules, set up meetings, generate leads, and participate in games that encourage event learning, discussion, and collaboration.

Cool Tips for Hot-Day Catering

Temperatures in Palm Springs and other desert cities are breaking records this summer, topping out at more than 120 degrees. But Chad Gardner, one of the area’s top event planners and caterers, isn’t breaking a sweat. His companies Chad Gardner Presents, and Dash and a Handful produce corporate events and charity galas for a long list of clients, including Pandora, Calvin Klein, Toyota, Nike, Twitter, VH-1, the Human Rights Campaign and the Annenberg Center at Sunnylands.

Tips From a Pro on Heading to the Gaming Floor

Booking conferences at resort casinos has become increasingly popular with meeting planners. The added level of entertainment found after conference sessions can up the ante for guests looking to make the most of their meeting destination. If you’re not a regular gamer, here are some tips that won’t make you feel like a rookie:


Suggestions for Setting Up an Effective Intern Program

In the 2015 movie, The Intern, Robert De Niro plays a retired executive who takes advantage of a senior (as in senior citizen) intern program and ends up assisting—in life and work—a frenzied, e-commerce company CEO played by Anne Hathaway. Although the two get off to a rocky start—with De Niro’s character being asked to play driver and fetch coffee rather than given more substantial responsibilities—ultimately, in true Hollywood fashion, lessons are learned and lives are changed. The end.

How to Network in the Modern Age

Networking has changed a lot over the decades. With the integration of multiple social media platforms, there has been a lot more opportunities created. However, with those opportunities, comes the question of how to achieve the right balance of online and personal connections? Networking is an essential skill needed for growth within any industry. After all, "It's not what you know, but who you know.” Here are a few tips on how to turn strangers into helpful professional contacts. Happy Networking!

How to Host a Hole-In-One Event

Texas lends itself well to year-round outdoor events. Other than the dead heat of summer, there are very few times of the year when a successful golf scramble can’t be pulled off. Enter the experts of Texas golf: club directors and tournament directors from across the state who put together some of the largest golfing events each year. Texas is great for golf, which is probably why it’s arguably home to more pro golfers than any other state.

Incorporate Mindfulness into your Business Plan or Conference Agenda

Mindfulness is making its way into the mainstream- and onto conference agendas. Salesforce included a session on it in its September 2015 Dreamforce conference, where A-lister mindfulness advocates such as author Jack Kornfield, actress Goldie Hawn and designer Donna Karan shared the stage. At the 2015 World Economic Forum, The New York Times reported that author and mindfulness guru John Kabat-Zinn led some 100 delegates through a meditation exercise during a panel session.

Four Tips to Help Reuse Your Booth

Attending a trade show is an exciting and important investment for an organization. Especially if you have a booth year after year - themes change, logos change and locations change. That’s why it’s important to find new approaches to booth design and fabrication that can help save time and money. We work closely with companies and event representatives to create booths that can be used for years to come without losing any spark. Here are four easy ways you can keep your booth fresh, without breaking the bank:


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