• High-Flying Team Building

    FROM THE Fall 2022 ISSUE
    Photo credit: JP Martin Photography

You won’t find another event venue like Emerald City Trapeze Arts in Seattle. Emerald City sits in the south of downtown (SoDo district) and houses some 20,000 square feet of flexible and visually dazzling space. With a rustic, almost industrial feel, the unique post-and-beam interior is a stunning setting for conferences or corporate parties. In addition to the two ground spaces, clients are captivated by the rough-hewn wood of the mezzanine balcony overlooking the main floor and the spacious 600-square-foot performance stage. Whether watching the world-class aerial and acrobatic shows from the balcony or from the ground, your team will be awed by the spectacle. As instructor Blair Aued notes, “The closeness to these artists allows audience members to see the expressions on the acrobats’ faces and experience the show in a more intimate and exciting way.” 

Emerald City offers a wide range of packages to enliven your meeting or event. With several event spaces and a variety of add-ons, like flying trapeze and aerial performances, you can tailor your experience to your team. If your team opts to try the trapeze, trained staff will attach safety lines and guide them through the process. Although it may seem intimidating, Aued emphasizes how “this activity is excellent for team building, establishing trust, and learning to take a leap of faith—quite literally.” Other custom add-ons for trapeze and aerial shows include professional audio and lighting design in a five- to seven-minute spectacle designed for your event. Emerald City also offers food catering and bar services, as well as comfy furniture and lounges.

The average event-goer spends long days sitting in meetings or professional development sessions, followed by an hour or two of standing and sipping cocktails. But holding your next big event at a spa resort opens a realm of possibilities for wellness breaks. Moving the action from the boardroom to the steam room can improve morale by combining business with pleasure—while also boosting attendees’ health. 


 Seattle is young and ever evolving, a dynamic city where newness is an integral part of the culture. And it has a long, proud history of hospitality.

In the early 1850s, Chief Seattle welcomed strangers to the banks of Puget Sound. Because of his kindness, they named their new settlement on Elliott Bay after him. “Seattle is a new city with an ancient culture,” notes Ken Workman, Chief Seattle’s great, great, great, great grandson. “It’s less than two grandmas old, as we like to say.” 


Many see Portland as a progressive city. No event venues are likely more in line with that world view than the two run by Ecotrust Events. Ecotrust, the events branch’s overarching nonprofit, leads a staggering number of social equity, economic opportunity, and environmental programs, from supporting Native American land rights to building intergenerational wealth for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) individuals. What does this have to do with hosting a corporate meeting? Everything.