Top New Trends in Event Bites & Desserts

When it comes to food trends, one day you’re a tasty treat sitting with the cool kids at the table, the next day you’re not. It seemed like it was just yesterday (or was it, in fact, just yesterday?) that the mighty cupcake was the new black among snack and dessert trends. Kale anything was a must-have. And remember the cronut? No? Yeah, neither do we.

Our catering experts reveal the latest fads, tell us which foods have gone bad and offer tips for stocking your snack bars and dessert trays.

Modern Comfort

Signature Drink - Farmer's Rock 'n' Rose

In honor of Oregon’s rock-star farmers, Portland’s iconic hotel, The Nines, created its specialty cocktail Farmer’s Rock ’n’ Rose. Take a sip and keep rockin’ in the free world.

— Soda
—2 oz. gin
—.75 oz. lemon juice
—3 marion blackberries
—.75 oz. rosemary infusion*
—blackberry skewer and grated lemon zest for garnish

Dirty Jobs Northwest Meetings + Events Edition

A successful event isn’t just about the exquisite venues, inspiring presentations and scrumptious food that guests enjoy. There’s a seemingly unseen team of people at work that helps ensure the party keeps rolling and your job is easier. Short a few centerpieces? No one but you will notice. Short a few portable toilets? Things just got real.

Tee Up Your Group Event at a Golf Resort

Stunning views and rolling fairways make our region a particularly ideal setting for a round of golf or two with your group, postmeeting. Better yet—many courses o er their own meeting spaces, so meeting to fairway is just a short golf cart drive away.

Anchorage, Alaska

Meet Christopher Huessy, Professional Ice Carving

Christopher Huessy's professional portfolio still carries a photo of his very first ice sculpture: a simple carving of a swan he made years ago in culinary school. It seems a little out of place tucked in with the images of elaborate centerpieces, detailed corporate logos and multiblock sculptures, but it reminds the Gladstone, Oregon ice artist how far he’s come.

Check Out New Spaces Around the M+E Venue Block

With old-school gaming systems, a dance floor and slider versions of the adjoining Lunchbox Laboratory’s burgers available, it’s no wonder The Event Lab is a popular choice for corporate events or private parties.

Get to Know Mt. Hood Territory

Three Things to Know About Visiting Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory

A native of Portland, Mt. Hood Territory’s executive director, Danielle Cowan, says the things she loves most about her community are its spectacular beauty, endless recreational opportunities, and warm and friendly people. Here are the top three things you should know about meeting there:

SE Wine Collective Transforms Urban Winery into a Supper Club

SE Wine Collective, located in Portland, Ore., will transform from an urban winery to a supper club once a month beginning this January. The new "club" will include a set, multi-course dinner prepared by both established and up and coming Portland chefs. Additionally, the dinners will feature wines from all four resident wineries, Vincent Wine Company, Helioterra Wines, Division Winemaking Company and Bow & Arrow Wines, as well as wines from around the world.


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