• Salishan Spa & Golf Resort is a Paradise Destination for Canine-Friendly Events and Meetings

    FROM THE Fall 2016 ISSUE

Guests at the Salishan Spa & Golf Resort may be a bit surprised by the greeting they receive upon their arrival. Along with a “hello” and a handshake from the concierge as they enter the lobby, they’re also likely to encounter a wet nose and fuzzy muzzle.

That’s Remington’s way of saying “welcome.” The 7-year-old Bernese mountain dog is Salishan’s resident canine and the first indication to guests that this Oregon Coast resort has literally gone to the dogs.

The 50-year-old coastal resort in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, has long had a dog-friendly policy, says Lindsey Youngren, director of sales and marketing, but the resort has increased its appeal to dog owners in the past year. Salishan recently added an outdoor pavilion and two grassy pads that will host the 2017 Newfoundland Club of America’s National Specialty Show, April 10–15. It’s the first of what Youngren hopes will be many dog shows at Salishan. The new 18,000-square-foot space can also host other events, such as weddings, concerts and corporate dinners, notes Youngren. 

Guests are welcome to bring up to two dogs with them during their stays, says Youngren, and unlike many dog-friendly resorts, Salishan doesn’t require that guests be with their dogs at all times. As long as dogs are properly crated, they can stay alone in guests’ rooms for short periods of time, ideal for dog owners attending meetings or conferences. During the summer months, pups can join their owners on the patio postmeetings for a Friday afternoon “yappy hour,” featuring specialty cocktails and complimentary doggie treats.

The 250-acre Salishan Spa & Golf Resort is less than 90 miles southwest of Portland and includes 205 guest rooms, 16,000 square feet of indoor meeting space and 20,000 square feet of outdoor meeting space. The resort has four on-site restaurants, an award-winning spa and a Peter Jacobsen–designed 18-hole golf course.

The surrounding property offers more than 10 miles of dog-friendly running and hiking trails, dotted with doggie “rest stations.” A trail leads down to Gleneden Beach, where dogs are welcome to frolic in the sand and splash in the Pacific Ocean waves.

“It’s kind of a dog heaven,” says Youngren.

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