Sparkloft Media Launched Eleventes

  • Sparkloft Media Launched Eleventes

    POSTED November 26, 2014
Sparkloft Media of Portland, Oregon launched Eleventes, a suite of social media services that enhances meetings and events of all kinds. Sparkloft will use Eleventes to boost attendance, engage guests, maximize membership and enhance sponsorships in numerous ways.
“Event planners are tasked with integrating social media into all aspects of their programs. With the online landscape in constant flux, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date and leverage tools effectively,” said Sparkloft Media president and CEO Martin Stoll. “Eleventes is a turnkey solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients, helping them to promote, engage and track event participation.”
To boost attendence, the Eleventes software will develop a comprehensive content plan with multimedia assets, leverage social media to encourage attendees to share their plans, and use hyper-targeted social advertising to reach new attendees.
Eleventes motivates clients to create memorable events and foster meaningful connections by increasing sponsorship relevance through social media, reaching audiences outside the event and integrating photos and videos from attendees into the event experience.
In July, Chris Heeter, The Wild Institute and thousands of fans had to say goodbye to beloved speaker dog Tuu Weh.

With her fists closed tightly, Chris Heeter let her hands drop lightly to her sides, opening her palms widely and wildly. And with that small, simple motion, Heeter was unknowingly opening not just her hands, but her heart to a presence that would change her life as well as thousands of others.


For the first time ever, Refract: The Seattle Glass Experience is being hosted by 30 Pacific Northwest Arts Organizations.  

Set to be held October 17-20, this inaugural glass festival will be filled with tours, demonstrations, parties, and exhibits perfect for both visitors and locals. Hands-on glassmaking demonstrations will fascinate kids and adults alike, while evening parties and exhibitions by renowned artists will attract the adult crowd.  


Benchmark is adding Washington's Skamania Lodge to its portfolio of resorts and hotels.