• Sparkloft Media Launched Eleventes

    POSTED November 26, 2014
Sparkloft Media of Portland, Oregon launched Eleventes, a suite of social media services that enhances meetings and events of all kinds. Sparkloft will use Eleventes to boost attendance, engage guests, maximize membership and enhance sponsorships in numerous ways.
“Event planners are tasked with integrating social media into all aspects of their programs. With the online landscape in constant flux, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date and leverage tools effectively,” said Sparkloft Media president and CEO Martin Stoll. “Eleventes is a turnkey solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients, helping them to promote, engage and track event participation.”
To boost attendence, the Eleventes software will develop a comprehensive content plan with multimedia assets, leverage social media to encourage attendees to share their plans, and use hyper-targeted social advertising to reach new attendees.
Eleventes motivates clients to create memorable events and foster meaningful connections by increasing sponsorship relevance through social media, reaching audiences outside the event and integrating photos and videos from attendees into the event experience.

Due to COVID-19, non-essential travel was, or has been, banned for months. Long anticipated trips and in-person gatherings were canceled and people have adjusted to the new normal: staying at home and meeting over Zoom. However, states have been slowly lifting restrictions, and non-essential travel will soon be happening across the country again. However, some may not be as comfortable with the thought of traveling as they were before the pandemic.  


Portland will be home to the first Ritz-Carlton in the Pacific Northwest. Developer BPM Real Estate Group is bringing the brand to the city, with an anticipated opening in early 2023. Plans call for a 35-story tower with 251 hotel rooms and 138 residential units, including eight penthouses.


Although several cities are opening up again, many offices are still enforcing work from home policies. As they did when Stay at Home first began, plenty of organizations are still offering webinars with insights on how to tackle the new normal. Gaining new knowledge is a great way to use extra time that might have been spent on a commute. 

Here at M+E, we’ll keep the following list updated, as some webinars are live and some are pre-recorded. Please email lauren.pahmeier@tigeroak.com to add more applicable webinars to the list.