Montvale Event Center: From Odd Fellows Lodge to Historic Venue


Built in 1909, the Montvale Event Center, located in Spokane, Washington, was formerly the home of an Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge. Over the years, it has also served as commercial space—housing both the Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Company and the Riley Candy Company at different times— and dance halls, first the Metronome Dance Hall from 1950 to 1953 and then the Hi-Spot Dance Hall from 1954 to 1956. 

What Planners Should Never Overlook with Outdoor Events


“I think one frequently overlooked item is shade. Whether that means sunshades, umbrellas or tents, you can’t underestimate the need for protection from the sun. People often get so excited for the spring/summer season in the Pacific Northwest that they can overlook how hot it gets in direct sunlight. On those extra-steamy days, it even can be necessary to place a couple of misters here and there for extra relief.  

Get to Know: Spokane Washington

It’s a dilemma event planners have been facing since the advent of destination meetings: how to schedule a conference or workshop in a city that offers enough activities that people will want to visit, yet still keep them focused on the event they came to attend in the first place. With the distractingly large amount of enticing activities and natural beauty Spokane offers, it’s unlikely that question will be answered any time soon. 

Spokane Transformed Into a World-Class Meeting Destination

Spokane is no meetings and events newbie. Situated along the Spokane River in eastern Washington, this Northwest gem became the smallest city to host the World’s Fair in 1974. Expo '74, as it was called, was the first fair centered around environmental issues with a theme of “Celebrating Tomorrow’s Fresh New Environment.” Approximately 5.6 million people attended the fair, and its legacy was an urban renewal that balanced Spokane’s natural beauty with its downtown core.

Davenport Grand Hotel Reached Final Stages of Construction

The Davenport Grand Hotel crew “topped out” the new hotel November 17. To “top out” is a Scandinavian tradition practiced by placing a tree and a flag on the top of the final piece added to a new building. The crew then signs the final piece before it is attached. The final piece at the hotel was a concrete panel added to the 17-story building.

Swirl Washington Scheduled to Return to Spokane

Swirl Washington, the largest food and wine pairing event in Eastern Washington, will be debuting in Spokane at the Davenport Hotel featuring more than 40 wineries from around the state. 

"With so many wineries and tasting rooms in Spokane, as well as the newly created Cork District, it’s no question that Spokane is a wine destination," said Jeanna Hofmesiter, chief marketing officer at Visit Spokate. "Swirl is not only for our dedicated, wine-loving locals, but also the visitors who come here to experience our entire culinary scene." 

Spokane Expands Convention Center District

The Spokane Convention Center has announced an expansion project that will add amenities and 90,000 square feet, bringing the total meeting space to 463,000 square feet.

The new space will create 20 new functional and meeting rooms, breakout spaces and more than 100,000 square feet of dedicated exhibit spaces. Other amenities include local art pieces that create dynamic backdrops for interior and exterior spaces.

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